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Tim's Microsoft Office 30secondtraining videos click here

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Mailing Address:


2629 Manhattan Avenue, 293

Hermosa Beach, California 90254






Remote Training -

Hands On Training Over The Internet (Live)

  • What happens in "Remote Training":
    -Remote training is live and completely "hands-on" interactive training
    -Students can be located in separate geographical locations or in the same room
    -Tim (the Instructor) will be in his own separate geographical location
    -Students and Instructor can hear each other and ask questions in "real-time"
    -Students can see Instructor screen
    -Instructor can see students screen
    -Instructor can take control of Student screen to assist student with hands on exercises
    -Participants can be located in different geographic locations around the world

  • How many people can participate in "Remote Training":
    -From one participant up to 1,000 (smaller is better for hands-on training purposes
    -Perfect for Executives and others too busy to attend training
    -Perfect for individuals that need to learn something fast (ie: preparation for next-day job interview)
    -Perfect for "help" scenarios (ie: You need help creating a PowerPoint presentation)
    -Perfect for people that work from home and need to learn more quickly and easily.
    -Small group training (2-15 participant)
    -Large group training (up to 1,000 participants)

    What does a student need for "Remote Training":
    -Internet connection (faster is better)
    -Head set with microphone or telephone or speaker phone (head-set with microphone is the way to go)

    What do we teach in "Remote Training":
    -Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher
    -Windows 7 and Windows 8
    -You need a specific class? Tim can create it.
    -Time Management Training
    -Manage Your Now Training
    -Professional Etiquette in a Business Environment Training
    -Email: How To Send Professional Emails in a Business Environment Training
    -PowerPoint: 25 Tips for Effective Presentations Training

  • Sample Remote Training"  (click to view)

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