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25 Steps to Effective (not boring) PowerPoint Presentations

This presentation covers the 25 “critical” areas to giving a powerful (not BORING) presentation so your audience understands AND retains the information you present. In this presentation you will learn:

• Less is More
• PowerPoint is not Reading
• Prepare for total failure to equal total success
• Sounds, special effects; music? Yes? No? How many? Too few?
• How to Keep it Fun
• How to Keep it Engaging
• Tips for colors, and TV / Internet Viewing of your Presentation
• When to use PowerPoint and when not to.
• Colors, black and white, which fonts, and why?

If you ever give (or create) PowerPoint presentations and want to know how to keep it fun, interesting so your audience understands what you said, retains what you presented and walks away wanting more….this presentation is for you.

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