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Email Management (Manage Your Now)

Learn to clear your email inbox daily.
Stop forgetting to do important things.

"Manage Your Now"– (based upon the New York Times Best Seller by Michael Linenberger) - is an innovative class (taught by Tim Owens) for excessively busy people at all levels of your organization. 

In this fun, fast-paced and easy to follow class, you will come to understand and utilize a powerful to-do list and email management system that allows you to effectively control very high volumes of email and tasks.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn to easily track all of your emails by turning them into tasks. You can dramatically improve your handling of high task volumes using Microsoft Outlook and ensure the urgent tasks are prioritized accordingly in order to be completed efficiently. "Manage Your Now" will completely change your workday.

(NOTE: This class is for anyone that uses e-mail in their daily work: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Outlook, etc.)
If you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of email in your Inbox or the number of things in your “To-do” list, this class is for you!


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