Thank you to all Veterans
and to their families.
 Semper Fi

Tim Owens, Veteran
U.S. Marine Corps

"Thank you for supporting
a Veteran owned business."

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Microsoft Excel Training for

Fire Executives and High-Level Administration

by TimOwens.Com


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Unit 1: Mathematical Functions

Unit 2: More Math

Unit 3: Formatting

Unit 4: Statistical Functions

Unit 5: Sort and Filter

Unit 6: Other Excel Operations

Unit 7: Analysis Toolpak

Unit 8: Cell Reference

Unit 9: Pivot Table

Unit 10: Extract Data

Unit 11: Time Formats

Unit 12: Calculate Time of Arrival

Unit 13: Call Spans Midnight

Unit 14: Charts and Graphs

Unit 15: Conditional Formatting


To inquire about this online training for your personnel contact Tim Owens

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Mailing Address:


2629 Manhattan Avenue, 293

Hermosa Beach, California 90254


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