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Email Etiquette: Using Email to Communicate Effectively

Although e-mail has been a dominant form of communication for many years now, questions still remain as to the “proper” steps to use email to communicate effective.

In this fast-paced observational class you will learn: (1) Business appropriate steps to construct your email
(2) Best practices to make your e-mail efficient, concise and effective. (3) Proper “Netiquette” guides and correct “tones” to use with colleagues and clients.

If you ever have questions or are unsure if you are using email as effective as possible, this class is for you!

This course will cover:

• What does the header of an e-mail message include?

• When should I send copies or blind copies of my e-mail messages?

• What guidelines should I follow when writing subject lines?

• What is the best way to greet someone in an e-mail message?

• What is the best way to relay information in an e-mail message?
• What is the best way to use lists in an e-mail message?

• What types of lists should I use in e-mail messages?

• What is netiquette?

• What are some guidelines I can follow considering the use of tone in e-mail?

• Why should I not use BTW, TTYL and other acronyms in my email messages?

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