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Contact Tim:






Mailing Address:


2629 Manhattan Avenue, 293

Hermosa Beach, California 90254







LA County Fire Department




Thank you for your superb delivery of the recent “Manage Your Now” (E-mail / Inbox Management) Class. 



Both Chief Metro and the participants have expressed their happiness with the training.  The evaluations gave the class high ratings and the feedback has been outstanding. 


The participants are commenting how helpful the training has been for them once they have gone back to work.  I will continue to forward participant comments to you as they came in. 


We really appreciate how you customized the training manual for us and what a team player you have been.   





Madeline Roachell

Division Chief, Organizational Development

Los Angeles County Fire Department







The City of Beverly Hills


Dear Tim,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of appreciation and endorsement of your wonderful
computer training company.

On behalf of the City of Beverly Hills, thank you for delivering such energetic, hands-on, and easy to
understand classes for our employees.

Participants continue to speak highly of your pleasant demeanor, vast knowledge, and how you make
the training fun, relevant and interesting. Your patience and ability to instill confidence in your students
is commendable. I'm also impressed that you make yourself available beyond the classroom to answer
participant questions and help trouble-shoot.

A sure sign of the success of a program is when those who participate want more. As such, I'm pleased
to have you return through the coming summer months to conduct another round of Word, Excel and
Outlook classes; in addition to Access and Power Point.

Thank you for your professionalism and skill in facilitating these classes Tim. Your passion and dedication
 to your work is inspiring and I so appreciate our partnership.


GLENDA BERMAN - City of Beverly Hills (retired)


Glenda is now retired, for reference checking call  

(310) 285-1075  and speak with

Karine Shirinian  

Training and Organizational Development Coordinator                  





The City of Cupertino

To whom it may concern:

My name is Mariyah Epich Serratos and I am the I.T. Manager for the City of Cupertino.

In March 2011, our city contacted Tim Owens to conduct onsite Microsoft Office training for our City.

Tim contacted us and spent over an hour on the phone listening to our needs.
Armed with that information, Tim designed a training program that fit our needs.

When training day arrived, Tim was here at the City and our employees could not have been anymore pleased with the training. Tim's training is very popular as it is fun, relevant, hands-on and focused to exactly our needs. All of our employees that took part in Tim's training were very pleased and happy with the training.

In fact, we were so happy with Tim's training, we have discussed futures plans to have Tim conduct more of our software training.

I highly recommend Tim's Microsoft Office training.


Mariyah Epich Serratos
I.T. Manager
City of Cupertino, California






The City of Dublin

Professor Tim,

 Just a note to thank you. 

 D. Marie Smith
Secretary II
Dublin Police Services
925 556 4580

Hi Tim!

" I thoroughly enjoyed the training last week- I was actually telling  our Community Development Director that it was one of the best training  classes I've taken. I would highly recommend your training to any and all companies."

Taryn Bozzo...City of Dublin



The City of Redondo Beach


Hi Tim,   

...The police officers thought you were great!!! I'm sure the word will spread over there! :)

Everyone spoke so highly of your computer boss wants you back!  

Please call me - would like to set up more classes.

Thanks for your hard work and happy to have you back!

(Cathy Thompson, Human Resources Analyst) -Cathy is now at the City of Cypress





Los Angeles Convention Center


To Whom It May Concern:

Mr. Timothy Owens  taught WordPerfect to several Convention Center employees and did a wonderful job.

He was motivated, knowledgeable and inspirational throughout the entire day.

All the students  in the course raved about Mr. Owens ability to make the information understandable, relevant and fun.

I have specifically asked for Mr. Owens in scheduling additional courses at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

He is the type of training instructor an employer loves to have because he makes learning fun and instills confidence in the users.

Very truly yours,

Jan Zatorski
Director of Administrative Services





Kaiser Hospitals


To Whom It May Concern,

Mr .Tim Owens has been the instructor for several of our PC/MAC classes. He has provided instruction in Microsoft Windows 3.1, Microsoft Word 6.0 level 1 & 2, and Introduction to Macintosh.

I and my staff have found him to be very pleasant and extremely patient which has been very important since our users have had little, if any computer experience. He easily keeps the attention of the class, makes learning fun, but most importantly teaches the programs very thoroughly and with an encouraging method that does not intimidate the users. He has been very adaptable to our classes which are mostly comprised of mixed PC and Mac users.

I have found him to be very competent, and very knowledgeable about all the software applications. We needed to adjust our training style and he was helpful in assisting us with this. We have enjoyed having him as an instructor for our classes and would certainly recommend him to others who have similar needs.

Very sincerely,

Pam Montenegro
Department Administrator Computer Training and Support



The City of Lancaster


Re.: Letter of Recommendation for Tim Owens

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Mayra Montero and I am the Training Coordinator for the City of Lancaster.

Tim Owens has conducted computer training for the employees of the City of Lancaster since November 2007. Tim was so popular with our staff that we scheduled him to come back as our only computer trainer in 2008. Not only does Tim conduct informative, well-paced workshops, he is also a pleasure to work with while arranging the trainings. At the end of the training sessions we ask participants to complete evaluations of the workshops, and I can confidently say that Tim is consistently one of our most highly-rated trainers. Some of the comments were: "Tim Owens needs to do all training for the city," "he's so good, uncomplicated and effective," "great instructor," "very organized and prepared," "good hands-on training", "availability and follow-up are great," "easy to listen to," "great sense of humor," "effective use of time."

On behalf of the City of Lancaster's Human Resources Department, I am please to recommend Tim Owens for computer training to any organization.


Mayra Montero 

Training Coordinator



Tanner, Mainstain, Blatt & Glynn


To Whom It May Concern:


Tim Owens was hired by Tanner Mainstain Blatt & Glynn to train our employees

on Microsoft Word, Outlook 2003, and Excel. We could not be anymore pleased

with the results. Everyone at our Firm benefited from Tim's teaching and we saw

results immediately.


Tim Owens came into our office, sat with us, listened to our needs and then

customized  the training to fit our employee's skill levels. We here at Tanner Mainstain

Blatt & Glynn are so pleased with Tim's performance and patience with our employees

that we are having him back for more customized training and on the job consulting.

He has helped our Firm operate more efficiently. It was very important to us that

our employees recognized the value in the training; therefore, we were extremely

 happy to see them requesting individual time for better understanding and clarity.

Tim's ability to implement training based on the work we actually perform was

invaluable. Our employees walked away with great ideas and the ability see new

ways of creating efficiency. I highly recommend Tim Owens for any training your

company may need. He is friendly, positive, and knowledgeable and his training

is truly top notch. Our employees enjoyed his training thoroughly.





Tia Boyd

Tanner Mainstain Blatt & Glynn

Firm Administrator


Financial and Business Advisors







The City of Seal Beach

I highly recommend Mr. Timothy Owens for computer training. He instructed the employees of the City of Seal Beach

(including the City of Seal Beach Police Department) in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook.

 Mr. Owens did an excellent job. He was highly motivated, extremely knowledgeable and upbeat.  Every participant in the course walked away having learned something new and seemed eager to practice the skills they had acquired in the hands-on training sessions. Mr. Owens is the type of training instructor an employer loves to have because he makes learning fun and instills confidence in the users.



Pamela Arends-King (Pamela is now at the City of Tustin)
Director of Administrative Services/Treasurer

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The City of Cypress




5275 Orange Avenue, Cypress, California 90630


To Whom It May Concern:

 During the months of May and June, 2004, Tim Owens provided our staff with introductory classes in
Windows XP Professional, and three Microsoft Office 2003 applications: Outlook, Excel and Word.

 I received a number of very enthusiastic comments from our employees about their classes, such as
"that was the best training I've ever had".


Tim is a very patient, enthusiastic and methodical trainer, and Tim went  out of his way to visit staff
after his sessions for one‑on‑one follow‑up assistance.



Don Casados

Information Systems Manager 







The City of Brea


To Whom It May Concern:

Tim Owens has been the City of Brea’s contract computer trainer since 2007. To date Tim has taught 40+ classes for us. Recently the City switched to Microsoft Office Suite 2007 (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook) which meant all of our 350 employees needed to learn a new software program and get up to speed quickly.

The staff benefitted from Tim’s knowledge and style of teaching computer software as he has an excellent delivery approach that is easy to follow. The value added to Tim’s classes is that he shares numerous shortcut tips. Additionally, he is available to his students remotely should you have any questions later on regarding specific program functions you need help with.

The following comments from his recent classes say it all:

"I learned more in this class than my entire 20 year history of attending classes and working in an office environment. The trainer was exceptional! Techniques are so easy to follow. Hands-on work in class reinforces skills. Outstanding!"

"Exceptional training!! I've attended others and left too confused to use skill. This class – I’ll leave with a useable skill. Organized, detailed, easy to follow. The training was extremely user friendly. Outstanding training style."

It is with pleasure that I highly recommend Tim Owens for your computer training needs. Please feel free to call me, at  (714) 990-7263, should you have any questions or need more information.


Randy Hornsby

IT Manager

City of Brea





ABC Television Network Group 

2040 Avenue of the Stars    
Century City, CA 90067 (310) 557 7777

Nicholas E. Nicoletti Director
Accounting Services/ABC Capital Cities Entertainment

Re: Timothy Owens

To Whom It May Concern:

Timothy Owens tutored me in an individual Excel I session. I found him to be well organized, patient. and very knowledgeable about the software. I highly recommend him for any software teachings or tutorial assignments.

~~ Nicholas E. Nicoletti

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Perkowitz+Ruth Architects

To Whom It May Concern:

At the recommendation of our Orange County office, Perkowitz and Ruth enlisted the services of Tim Owens to instruct our employees in a Microsoft Project class.

 We were very pleased with the outcome. Tim was helpful, professional and friendly from the moment he began speaking. He made the entire training process easy, exciting and extremely informative. Tim provided five laptop computers, and without an additional charge he allowed our IT Department to setup additional employees so that they were also able to attend the class. We greatly appreciate that the class was “hands-on” and Tim was able to solicit everyone’s involvement. Many in attendance stated they walked away with a thorough understanding of Microsoft Project.

Because we were so impressed with Tim’s teaching style, we are considering the Project Level 2 class and an additional Excel class. I would highly recommend Tim Owens for all software training and I am certain you will too.


Whitney Malone

Documents Coordinator




Mesa Consolidated Water District


Mesa Consolidated Water District
1965 Placentia Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

To Who It May Concern:

I highly recommend Tim Owens Software and Office Skills Training service.

I've attended many of Tim's classes and walk away learning something new every time. Tim's positive teaching approach and patience works especially well for the novice software user. He uses real life examples and ensures that his students understand each concept that he is teaching and will work further with individual students during the break and even after the training session!

In my opinion, it is very rare to find someone with strong IT/software knowledge and also have the
ability to communicate and teach. Tim is one of these exceptional people.  He provides a valuable service.



Kurt B. Lind
Senior Management Analyst
Mesa Consolidated Water District


   Andreini & Company Insurance/ Risk Management


To Whom It May Concern:


Tim Owens was hired by Andreini & Company to give classes in Excel (both intermediate and advanced levels).

Although there were some groans from employees about computer training, everyone who attended the classes
came away with a confidence and excitement to use what they learned.


Tim's outgoing and professional demeanor made the classes not only informative, but also fun and easy to follow.

His willingness to take questions specific to the work we do and then to explain, step‑by‑step, how to achieve each goal was invaluable.


We would definitely use Tim's services again and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs computer training for their employees. 

Please feel free to call with questions regarding this recommendation.




Lisa Consalvi

Executive Administrator


One MacArthur Place, Suite 100, South Coast Metro, CA 92707                                                                                 License 0208825

The City of La Puente


15900 E. Main Street, La Puente, CA 91744  Telephone:  (626) 855-1500  (626) 855-1500

To Whom It May Concern:

           This letter will serve as a recommendation for Mr. Tim Owens as a trainer of computer software.

Mr. Owens was employed by the City of La Puente for two days to provide training in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.  The feedback I received from the employees was all very positive.  The employees learned new shortcuts and commented on Mr. Owens' knowledge of the programs and the thoroughness of his teaching.

 In addition, the employees enjoyed being in Mr. Owens' class because he made it fun and gave each employee individual, one-on-one training.



Carol Cowley (retired)
City Manager (Formerly City Clerk)

The Cheesecake Factory


This past year we contacted Tim Owens to teach Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint classes for our staff and managers here at the Cheesecake Factory Corporate center. He was able to successfully create an individualized program that took into account varying skill levels of our staff members.

Tim's knowledgeable and interactive approach has been consistently well received. He makes the information easy to understand and his relaxed teaching style encourages participation. People report they are able to immediately apply the practical tips and shortcuts they learn in class. In addition, his easy to use handouts ensure learning continues after the session is over.

Because our development classes are optional, we want to offer sessions that are practical and helpful to our people. Tim Owens' training sessions fit our corporate needs. Because we received such a positive response, we will have Tim teach another class next month.

Chuck Wensing
Vice President Performance Development Department


The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated

26901 Malibu Hills Road   · Calabasas Hills, CA 91301 ·  (818) 871-3000  (818) 871-3000 · fax (818) 871-3001

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Pacific Bell


Subject: Enhancing Our Resource Pool 

From: Roger DePriest

Dear Bob,

I wanted to provide you with some feedback from my recent training on Windows NT Server here in the San Diego area. 

I was able to attend the five day class last week and feel very fortunate that a Tim Owens was the instructor. Several of my system technicians had spoken very highly of Tim, and his ability to bring the training on Windows NT Server and Networking Essentials to meet their needs. I was asked by my team to provide you with positive feedback about the training provided by Mr. Owens. 

I have also committed to my team that I would suggest that we here at Pacific Bell could very much utilize having someone of Tim's caliber on our payroll.  It would be of great assistance as we go online with the intelligent workstations, to have someone with Tim's expertise and abilities in the field. We believe he would greatly enhance our ability to provide excellence in customer service.

Again, we would like to work with you in employing Mr. Owens in a position at Pacific Bell. We feel the skills and abilities that he displayed are very rare in today's market place and would be a great addition to our team.


To Whom It May Concern:

Tim Owens was hired by Wahoo's  Fish Taco to conduct a training course in Microsoft Excel.

 We were all very pleased with his class and would definitely recommend him to other

companies looking for an informative and entertaining computer training course.

Tim communicated very clearly with the staff and had step by step instructions everyone

could follow. Many of the staff members enjoyed his sense of humor mixed in with the training

material, so the class was fun and informative.

Everyone in the training session learned a great deal and we enthusiastically would hire Tim

 to do future computer training classes.


Chris Lee

Human Resources.


2855 Pullman Street, Santa Ana, CA 92705                        ph 949.222.0670                 fx. 949.222.0750 

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to offer a professional reference for Tim Owens.

In my capacity as Director of Admissions for this college I have had occasion to interact extensively with Mr. Owens. Tim is a Core Class Instructor in our Microsoft Certified System Engineer Program (MCSE).

My students constantly request his classes and are most complimentary of his method of instruction. In his time at our college he has exhibited true caring for our students, professionalism, and competence. We have found him to be of the highest quality of instructor .

In the past year I have had an opportunity to interact with a large number of instructors and industry professionals. Tim Owens has earned my highest rating and respect as a colleague and fellow professional.


Robert S. Gray
Director of Admissions

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