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Time Management: - Course description

Based on the New York Times best seller by David Allen, “Getting Things Done”, Tim Owens will teach this class that brings you: breakthrough methods for stress-free performance. The premise for David Allen's book (and this class) is simple: our productivity is directly proportional to our ability to relax. Only when our minds are clear and our thoughts are organized can we achieve effective productivity and unleash our creative potential. In this class you will learn how to:
(1) * Apply the "do it, delegate it, defer it, or drop it" rule to get your
in-box to empty
(2) * Re-assess goals and stay focused in changing situations
(3) * Overcome feelings of confusion, anxiety, and being overwhelmed
(4) * Feel fine about what you're not doing.
This class is a must if you feel overwhelmed and stressed about the number of things you have to accomplish in both your personal and private lives.
If you feel over-whelmed by the number of things you have to do, or if you want to clarify and learn new, cutting-edge techniques how to get more done in less time, this class is for you!


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